Because power­ful and safe bat­tery sys­tems make the dif­fe­rence.
Because we adapt our solu­ti­ons to your requi­re­ments and maxi­mize your indi­vi­dual pro­fit.
Because the stri­ving for pro­found data dri­ves us daily.
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We are con­vin­ced that bat­tery powe­red dri­ves will improve the life of the people. With our solu­ti­ons we enable highly secure and reli­able lithium ion bat­tery sys­tems as well as opti­mal ope­ra­tion and ultra­fast char­ging. Therefore, we deve­lop scala­ble hard­ware and soft­ware, which we trans­fer into cus­to­mi­zed pro­ducts.

The SAFION Solution

We dont esti­mate, we mea­sure.
The design and ope­ra­tion of Lithium ion bat­tery sys­tems can be signi­fi­cantly more cost‐effective, if the bat­tery state is con­ti­nuously, pre­cisely and reli­ably moni­to­red and pre­dic­ted. We solve these com­plex chal­len­ges with our dia­gnostic and manage­ment sys­tems by com­bi­ning Multispectral Impedance Spectroscopy (Mulit‐EIS) and gui­ded Ultrasonic Waves (g‐US). To eva­luate the new mea­su­red values we use deter­mi­nistic pro­ce­du­res and machine lear­ning algo­rithms.

Drivers and measurement systems


Diagnostic and management systems

Products and Services

Ahead of mar­ket and risk.
We deve­lop, pro­duce and dis­tri­bute per­for­mant and lean dia­gnostic solu­ti­ons for lithium‐ion bat­te­ries along the ent­ire value chain. Our sys­tems cover hig­hest secu­rity requi­re­ments and ensure opti­mal func­tio­n­a­lity of your bat­tery powe­red pro­ducts even under chal­len­ging ope­ra­ting con­di­ti­ons.

Battery management solutions

Systems for quality assurance

Laboratory and development systems

Engineering and consulting services

The company

True Engineering with Passion for Innovation.
The stri­ving for per­for­mant and safe bat­tery sys­tems dri­ves us daily. Therefore, we trans­fer latest sci­en­ti­fic fin­dings in bat­tery rese­arch into high‐quality custo­mer solu­ti­ons. We com­bine pro­found bat­tery know­ledge with high hard­ware and soft­ware com­pe­tence.

Battery Knowledge

Platform tech­no­logy

Customized solu­ti­ons

The team

Strong team with strong net­work. 
We share the cra­ving for new know­ledge and the believe in pro­gress through tech­no­logy. We are a team of tech­ni­cally and eco­no­mi­c­ally expe­ri­en­ced engi­neers and sci­en­tists from RWTH Aachen, that has deci­ded to use their tech­no­logy and imple­men­ta­tion exper­tise to create inno­va­tive pro­ducts, which deli­ver real added value to our custo­mers. Get in touch with us and let us collec­tively expand your mar­ket posi­ti­tion and cap­ture new mar­kets.

Dr.-Ing.Alexander Gitis

Alexander Gitis has worked in fields from algo­rithm deve­lop­ment to pro­fi­ta­bi­lity ana­ly­sis in dif­fe­rent areas and posi­ti­ons. He is respon­si­ble for cor­po­rate manage­ment.

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Hendrik Zappen

Hendrick Zappen has several years of expe­ri­ence in rese­arch and deve­lop­ment of bat­tery manage­ment sys­tems. At SAFION he is respon­si­ble for hard­ware and soft­ware deve­lop­ment.

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Georg Fuchs

Georg Fuchs hand­led and coor­di­na­ted life time ana­ly­sis and pro­duct deve­lop­ment for OEMs and sup­pliers for several years. At SAFION he is respon­si­ble for pro­duct deve­lop­ment and tes­ting.

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